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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wing back chairs makeover!

Ok, so I finally finished one of the wing back chairs that I got from Craig's list. Let me just say that I truly respect anyone in the reupholstering business--it is not easy!!! The worst part is probably the removal of the old fabric. It is important to remove every section as intact as possible, label each piece with a number and what part of the chair it covers (you may not be able to tell once the pieces are all out) and attach every new piece in the reverse order you took them off. The fabric sections you may use as patterns, although there were some pieces that were pretty square and are shaped as they get stapled unto the chair. Pulling off the old fabric, like I said, was a NIGHTMARE!! I think I removed over a thousand staples. But once the hard part is over, the fun part starts. I must admit that for not having reupholstered anything in the past, I started with a rather complicated project, but now I feel capable of doing any other project that comes my way!!! I did it and I am so proud of myself...especially for saving a good $500.00 in reupholstering fees! I am posting the before pictures now...stay tuned for the after pictures (I am working on my other chair this week). Have a great week!

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Porch for the Fall Season

I always love to decorate my front door for the Fall Season. The colors all around me inspire me to have a beautiful welcoming entrance--it is the first thing my guests see prior to entering my home, and I like it to make a simple, but elegant statement. I uploaded the pictures I took of my front porch, dining area, and mantle. Enjoy!

White pumpkins flank the entrance. I sprayed them white (I could not find real white ones!)

My son and I went to get some branches from a pile on the side of the road, and then I hot glued a few fall leaves here and there to make it pretty.

Our house does not have outdoor lamps, and I thought a lantern by the door would do the trick. I bought a battery operated candle (it flickers like the real thing!), and I turn it on when I know guests are coming.

The black wooden cat merges my fall decorations with Halloween just beautifully!

Raffia and fake fall leaves dress up my cute white pumpkins!

I spray painted these unfinished candle holders in a flat white and placed small pumpkins on them. Very simple but so unexpected!

I wanted to make topiaries like these ones since last year, and this year I was able to work on this. Loooove them on my mantle. The pumpkins are from Michael s,  the pots from Joann, and the leaves, corn husks, berries, etc. I just had from previous years.