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Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas baskets are here!

        It is funny how sometimes life takes you on different paths--some of them are really easy and almost unreal, and then there is a sudden turn that comes, almost unexpected, and the path you end up on is one that you never thought you would experience. We lived in Arizona for 11 years, and it had definitely become home for us. Little did I know that the Lord would be leading us in a different direction. To leave our home, our families, and our friends, and head on north to Rexburg, Idaho, was not an easy path for us to take, especially for me. But I must say that as I see my children enjoying the area, enjoying their new friends, and loving the small town feel, I have started to "warm up" to the area (even though it is 32 F as I am writing this post!).

        Changing the subject, I know some of you have shared with me your desire to help out Natalia in her efforts to compete in gymnastics for the first time.  Just recently we sold 50# bags of potatoes to the few people we know in the area.  We are so grateful to all of you who bought potatoes! We raised $210.00 dollars that will go into her account and will cover about half of her meets and coaches costs. So again, thank you so much! I know some of you were interested in helping out, but not necessarily by buying potatoes (selling potatoes in Rexburg is almost like trying to sell popcycles in Alaska!), and this is where the Christmas Bread baskets come in. I will be selling these cute Christmas baskets on a per order basis during the first week in December. They cost $25.00 and will include the following: 

  • a yummy 2 lb loaf of whole wheat bread (for info on bread ingredients go to my website,
  • cute wooden cutting board,  
  • bread knife,
  •  homemade cinnamon-honey butter (it tastes delicious!!) in a small glass jar (not a canning jar), 
  • a festive Christmas mug with two hot chocolate packs, 
  • and a Christmas ornament (not all the same). The bread will be placed in a small basket with tissue paper and the whole thing will be wrapped in cellophane with a big, festive bow, and a gift tag.

        I think you will like it, and the fact that I have gone all around town and in Utah to get all these items will save you all the trouble! If this is something that would interest you, email me at and let me know how many baskets you will need before November 30th. My goal is to sell 30 of these baskets, and if I do, Natalia will be covered! Uff! I hope that when she is older she remembers all the trouble that I went through to keep her in gymnastics. =-) Although to be honest, I don't mind doing it--after putting together my first basket last night I thought, "aaahhh, it is so cute", so I think I will still do these every year if they get a good response! My camera is not the best, and the pictures don't it justice, but at least you have an idea of what to expect. If there is a specific color you want me to use, please let me know. The mugs that I use may be different from the picture, as well as the ornaments and wired ribbon. But they will still be beautiful--I could not sell something that I would not want to get for myself! 

The cup will have some shredded paper inside it too.

I am planning to label the cinnamon honey butter and include the recipe as well!

I am using the cutting board as the base for all my other items. 

What do you think??

      If you know of anyone who would be interested in getting a couple of these (these are great gifts for coworkers, your boss, teachers, doctors, etc.) feel free to forward my blog address to them. Again, you are all so wonderful for your support since I moved to this area. And to my Simply Wheat customers, a special THANK YOU for trusting your family with my baking!! 
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Me he quedado fascinada con esa canasta tan bella. Me siento orgullosa de tener una hija con tanta cratividad. Raul leyo todo tu blog. Quedamos fascinados. Mom Yola

    1. Gracias mami! Pues todo mi talento se lo debo a uno de ustedes porque de alguien lo tuve que haber heredado! Gracias por todo lo que siempre hacen por mi y si en algo les puedo ayudar, PLEASE, solo llamen, Ok? Me tomo el proximo vuelo a PR. je! je!

    2. Muy bien hecho Beva! Puse en facebook a ver quien esta interesado en esto y te dejo saber...

    3. Una amiga tuya me contacto, pero desafortunadamente no puedo mandarlas por correo...el costo seria demasiado alto y el pan y la mantequilla no llegarian bien. Pero gracias Ralfo por poner el link!